How to prepare for Stints

What is 'journey tracking' and why is it necessary?

Journey tracking is a system that we use to ensure Students can easily find their Stints and businesses receive their Students at the correct time. Journey tracking is an extremely important process to the functionality of Stint. It allows us to:

  1. Update businesses if a Student is going to be late
  2. Help Students who get lost on the way to Stints
  3. Help Students find the quickest and easiest routes to their Stints
  4. Send a replacement Student if necessary due to delays  

This allows us to maintain a good relationship with businesses as well as help our Students out when needed. All we require from Students is to know how far away you live from the business, when you leave and when you arrive, simple!

We know it’s a bit annoying having to confirm this all through WhatsApp — but at least you can say you were a part of Stint when we still used it!

I have bags with my laptop, university work, books etc, can I take them to my Stint?

Most businesses will have a staff area where you can leave personal belongings, some of which may have lockers.

What are some tips on how to prepare for my Stints?

1. Make sure you have the correct uniform

If there are any issues you must inform us in advance. There is no excuse for turning up to a Stint in the wrong uniform without letting us know beforehand, and in most cases, the business will send you home straight away (this will affect your reliability rating). We recommend always having our core uniform items clean and ironed; doing so will maximise your ability to be assigned to any Stint, whilst looking sharp too!


2. Plan your journey

Check the TFL update and decide when you have to leave in order to get there 10/15 minutes before your Stint start time to allow for travel delays. Do bear in mind that travel during rush hour (7am-9:30am and 5pm-7:30pm) travelling always takes slightly longer.


3. Confirm your attendance

We will contact you in the run up to your Stint to confirm that you are still able to attend. If your Stint starts before noon, we will contact the night before. If you Stint starts after noon, we will contact you on the day.
Whenever we get in touch with you, please ensure you respond as soon as you can so that we know you’re ready to go!


4. Charge your Phone 

Please make sure to have a fully-charged phone on the way to your Stint — portable chargers are very useful!

What information will I receive about my upcoming Stint?

You’ll receive an offer through the app that will tell you everything you need to know. You’ll get all the basic information about the Stint — including business name, address, times of your Stint, tasks you’ll be performing and uniform — as well as some fun info about the business, photos of the business, and some top tips for getting five stars.

Getting to my Stint

What do I do when I arrive at my Stint?

Once inside, go up to a member of staff and introduce yourself. A good way of doing this is: 


“Hey, my name is […] I am here to work with Stint as a [role ie. barback]”


First impressions matter: make sure you walk in with a big smile! The member of staff will then know where to take you. 

Once you have introduced yourself  as from Stint, please ensure you check in by scanning the QR code with your app. There will either be a paper version of the code or an electronic one on the manager’s phone so just ask a member of the team. This is absolutely crucial; failure to do this results in us having to contact the business to confirm your arrival. If you don’t check-in, you may be marked as late and your pay will reflect this.

What should I do while I am on my way to the Stint?

You will be sent a notification to open your Stint app and confirm you are still good to go in the run up to your Stint. This notification will be sent 5 hours before the start time, followed by another 2 hours before the start time. If your Stint is in the morning (before 12pm), you will be asked to confirm at 6pm the night before.

Double check all the details of your Stint, and have a read over the do’s and don’ts. Make sure you are wearing the right uniform and you are heading to the right address.

It might be a good idea to pick up a snack on the way in case you get hungry or thirsty during your Stint.

Top tip: For most Stints there will be a picture of the entrance on the Stint Badge (the section that shows you the details for the Stint)

What to expect on my Stint

The business have asked me to come back and work there again

If the business asks you to come back and work there again, prompt them to rate you 5 stars on the app. This will make it more likely that you get matched to the same business again in future!

What if the business offers me a job?

If a business offers you a full-time job, we ask for you to kindly decline it. If you begin working at a Stint business, it then takes away the opportunity for other students to go there and earn money.

There will come a time when that job will become inconvenient, inflexible and hard to keep down — by taking part time jobs you will be missing out on the many benefits of Stint.

The business has asked me to stay longer, can I?

If the business is very busy, and you are doing a good job, they may ask you to stay a bit longer to help. If you are available, and would like to stay to help – by all means, do! But don’t feel you have to, if you cannot for whatever reason just let them know.

Just as a reminder, overtime payments are processed separately to the overall Stint payment (we are working on this and aim to have it changed ASAP!). In order to receive payment for your overtime, please email with the date, name of the business, amount of overtime and the originally scheduled hours of the Stint. You need to apply for overtime within 24 hours of completing the Stint as all overtime claims will be cross checked with the relevant businesses.

Can I use my phone on my Stint?

We have a zero tolerance of phones at Stints. You may be able to use your phone during a break, but even then please clear this with the manager beforehand. We recommend you leave your phone in the staff room whilst you are working.

Phones on Stints = bad reviews! Don’t give the business any reason to rate you poorly as it will mean less Stints in the future.

Am I entitled to a break on my Stint?

You are legally entitled to a 20-minute break if you are on a Stint which is 6 hours or longer. There may not be a particular member of staff watching over you (therefore monitoring how many hours you have been working) – so you might need to ask for one.

 If you are on a 6-hour or more Stint and you have been working for a few hours, you should ask a member of staff if you can take your break – never go for a break without asking or letting someone know first. For health and safety reasons, the business needs to know where you are at all times.

Top tip: Ask a member of staff at the start of your Stint when is the best time to go for a break later on.

What if I get hungry or thirsty on my Stint?

We always recommend having something to eat and drink before starting any Stint. Businesses have differing outlooks on giving students free food during Stints, however if you are on a longer Stint (6+ hours) it is possible you will be given a staff meal. 

If you are thirsty during a Stint, ask the manager or a member of staff for a glass of water or where you can serve yourself one. Always make sure to stay hydrated. We recommend at least one glass of water for every two hours you work!

Top Tip: When the manager gives you a tour at the beginning of your Stint, ask where you can get water and if they will offer food.

My Stint is finished, what should I make sure to do?

Often, a member of staff will let you know when your Stint is finished. However, they may forget to do so if it’s busy. Make sure you have spoken to the manager (or the person that has been assigned to look after you on your Stint) to let them know your Stint is over – never leave without saying anything.

After collecting your belongings, make sure to thank the Manager and other members of staff on the way out. Last impressions are almost as important as the first – leave with a smile and thank the staff for having you.

What do I do if it is really quiet on my Stint, and there is not much to do?

If you find yourself with nothing to do, ask if you can assist anywhere and make yourself available to help. This will not only show that you are capable of following instructions, but going beyond them to offer extra support.

If there is not much to do, don’t just stand around. There are always peaks and troughs during Stints and some moments are much quieter than others. Always try and look busy (even if it means wiping down a table you have already wiped before!).

Standing still with your arms crossed is often a natural stance many of us turn to, but it immediately gives the manager the idea that you are not working hard. It only takes them looking over once to make up their mind!

How can I do well at my Stints?

1. Attitude, attitude, attitude!

A business would much rather have a Student who has never worked before, who turns up with a smile, is outgoing, takes initiative and is willing to work hard, than someone who has worked for years and looks like they do not want to be there. Always ask yourself – if the manager looked at me right at this second, what would they think?

2. Wear the correct uniform

Each business will have a strict dress code, and students who turn up in the wrong uniform will receive a bad rating and get sent home.

3. Arrive on time

We have a very strict lateness policy, and when students are late, we have to compensate the business. Even if you are a minute late, the business takes this into account and contacts us. In the event that you think you could be late, please inform us as we will have to warn the business. Make sure to plan your journey and aim to be 15 minutes early in order to account for delays.

4. Be ready to learn, and ask questions

You will never know everything, so be proactive and ask the staff members questions on how you can improve your work. However, if the business is very busy, keep the questions to a minimum – staff will have a lot of things to do! 

5. Look for more ways to help

If you find yourself with nothing to do, ask if you can assist anywhere and make yourself available to help. This will not only show that you are capable of following instructions, but going beyond them to offer extra support.

6. Make a good impression

If you are friendly and chatty with the staff, they are always more likely to rate you a 5*.

Stint uniform

My smart shirt is very creased - is that okay?

We understand that you’ll often be going to a Stint from university, or that your student flat might be lacking an iron. However, many of our businesses are very high-end, so turning up in a creased shirt isn’t the best idea, and can contribute to a poor rating.

Please make sure your uniform is correct and in good condition.

My piece of clothing has small patterns / a small logo — is that okay?

Unfortunately not — all our Stint Essential items need to be plain & boring!

I have jeans / leggings / tracksuits — do those count as smart trousers?

Unfortunately not — these need to be full-length, formal, work-style trousers (without any patterns).

I have a t-shirt — does that count as a smart shirt?

Unfortunately not, smart shirts need to have long sleeves, buttons and a collar.

I have trainers / Doc Martens / boots - do those count as smart shoes?

Unfortunately not! They should be leather-looking, flat, non-boots. 


What happens if I go to a Stint in the wrong uniform?

It is very important that you wear the correct uniform to all of your Stints. If you turn up to a Stint in the wrong uniform, the business will probably turn you away, or they may give you a poor rating for the Stint.

Where can I purchase my Stint uniform?

You can purchase your Stint uniform from most high-street retailers (H&M, Zara, Primark etc).

Is it compulsory for me to purchase these items?

Whilst it’s not compulsory, having all of these items will mean that you can do any of the Stints you are matched to. If you choose to accept a Guaranteed Stint, you are expected to have all the Stint Essentials.

What items do I need to be eligible for all the Stints on the platform?

There are 8 basic items that will enable you to do all Stints:

 1. A white collared shirt 

Make sure it has long sleeves, buttons and a collar. A white t-shirt unfortunately doesn’t count. It’s important to look smart, so make sure you iron your shirt and try to keep it free of creases!

2. A black collared shirt

Similar to the white collared shirt, make sure it has long sleeves, button and a collar. Nicely ironed too!

3. A black t-shirt 

This should be completely plain – no patterns or logos.

4. Black formal trousers

These should be formal full-length trousers (not jeans or leggings), with no patterns or logos. 

5. Black jeans

These should have no rips or patterns & should be full length.

6. Black formal shoes 

These should be black, leather-looking formal shoes. No trainers, plimsoles, boots or Doc Martens.

7. Dark, clean trainers

These should be plain & dark (black, dark grey, brown etc) — without white ticks, patterns, soles etc.

8. And finally… plain black long socks!

There’s not much else to say about these.

You will always see the uniform needed on your App. If the business has not written which uniform is needed, then please ask the Stint Team by ringing the student helpline or drop us an email at

My App

I would like to report an issue with my app

We are sorry that you have experienced an issue with your app. Please let us know of the fault here — our tech team will get to work on fixing any bugs right away.

My Stint disappeared before I could accept it

If you open the app and cannot see the stint offered, then the stint was likely accepted by another student. Stints are often accepted at a rapid rate, so make sure you are quick to respond to any offers you receive. The nature of Stint owes to a quick transition between ‘Open’ and ‘Accepted’ Stints, so don’t worry if they disappear from your app — plenty more will come!

Student community

What is STINTcreative and how can I get involved?

STINTcreative is building a community of videographers, photographers and other creative students who are looking to grow their portfolios and gain exposure. If you’re interested in joining, drop your portfolio to

I want Stint to sponsor my house party, society or event

Email with all the details of your event.

 Here’s the latest event we sponsored.

Careers at StintHQ

Does Stint offer graduate roles?

We do! Email with an up-to-date CV & why you are interested in Stint to enquire.

Does Stint offer part-time work?

We often have stints at Stint HQ — look out for these on the app!

Does Stint offer internships?

We do! Email with an up-to-date CV & why you are interested in Stint to enquire.


How do I report a payment issue, when can I expect it to be corrected?

Please report any unexpected payment issues to the payment team ( This email address is regularly monitored and you will receive a prompt reply. Once we have the relevant details of the Stint in question (date, time and location), as well as an understanding of the issue that has arisen, we’ll get your payment sorted asap.

I have worked longer than the times in my Stint app, how do I get paid for this?

Well done on making a great impression at your stint and being asked to stay longer!

Please send a message to the payment team and we will make sure you are compensated ( We have to cross reference any overtime with the relevant business, so this can take a few days to  process.

I have been paid the wrong amount for my Stint

If you have received the wrong amount of pay for a Stint, please contact the payment team ( Make sure you include the date, time and location of the Stint in question, as well as the amount you have been paid. Providing screenshots can also speed up this process.

If you have selected starter declaration C when signing up (meaning you have another job), please be aware that you will be taxed at 20% on all earnings (even if you cumulatively earn below your personal allowance). You will need to get in touch with HMRC to see if they can change your tax code.

All overtime claims will be verified with the relevant businesses. Please note that overtime will be sent as a separate payment. Overtime claims need to be made within 24 hours of the Stint taking place (this gives us time to verify claims with the business).

I have not been paid for my Stint

Please be aware that payments are made on Friday the week following your Stint. This means if you work on between Monday to Friday, your payment will be paid on the Friday of the next week, not the current week.

On the rare occasion your payment has not been processed by the next Friday, please get in touch with the payment team and we will rectify this for you (you can reach the payment team via Payments normally clear early in the morning, but may take a bit longer based on your bank.

In order for us to deal with this issue in the most timely fashion possible, please make sure you provide the date, time and business name of the Stint for which you have an outstanding payment.

The most common cause of delayed payments is incorrect card details; please check card details on the app and update them if necessary. Please notify us if you have found any errors, as we will need to verify the update on our systems before reprocessing.

The amount of pay on my app is wrong

The Stint will appear at the correct rate in your app. If it does not, then allow time for it to change before your Stint begins. If you still believe the fee to be incorrect after completing your Stint, please email with the Stint date, business name and timings of the Stint. 

They will then investigate the issue as promptly as possible.

When and how do I get paid?

You will be paid for your Stint the week after it takes place, on Friday. This means if you work between Monday to Sunday, you will be paid the Friday of the following week, not the current week.

The business has paid me in cash or have agreed to pay me at a higher rate

Students never get paid directly from the business, and payment for your work will always come from us. You should never accept cash-in-hand at your Stints, or any different rate to what has been agreed with Stint. Taking multiple payments for work constitutes a form of fraud.

I have received a tip at my Stint

Many of our students receive tips, which is completely fine. If in doubt, ask the manager about the business’ tip culture at the start of the Stint. If the business says it is fine to take, you are more than welcome to do so, it means that you have been doing a good job!

Ratings and reviews

I have a question about my review(s), who can I contact?

If you have any questions or queries about your reviews you can get in touch with us at

I have an appeal call with a member of the team, what should I expect?

Appeal calls are with a member of the Customer Service team following a bad rating or last minute pull out. These calls are to discuss what may have gone wrong during the stint or why you needed to pull out on short notice. There is no need to overly prepare, but gathering your thoughts and reflecting on what may have gone wrong will always help the conversation.

Lastly, be respectful and open to hearing feedback. We know sometimes negative feedback can be hard to take but taking it out on a member of the Stint team is unacceptable and could result in account deactivation. These calls are in place to help increase your average rating, so we can send you as many Stints as you would like moving forward.

My account is on hold, why?

The Customer Service team may put your account on hold after bad reviews or last minute pull-outs. The reason we do this is because we like to have a chat and discuss where things may have gone wrong and where you can improve before you go on and do any further Stints.

Check your student inbox and you should see an email from us detailing why your account has been put on hold. If your account is on hold and you are not sure why, you can email This is often automated, so don’t be alarmed if you think this could be a mistake!

Can I get more detailed feedback about my rating from the business?

Our team of Account Managers follow up with the businesses after every bad rating to figure out what may have gone wrong during the Stint. We will always try and get the most detailed information back to you so you know what areas you need to improve on for your next Stints. However, try to bear in mind that sometimes we can only get so much information from businesses and cannot follow up for intricate details for all bad reviews that come through. 

We’re currently working on some new app features that will let us get clearer feedback from both students and businesses — watch this space!

Can I get in touch with the business about my bad rating?

You should never get in touch directly with a business about a rating. We have a dedicated team of Account Managers that work with our businesses to follow up with bad ratings and get to the bottom of where things may have gone wrong.

I have received a bad review from my Stint, what now?

If you have received a negative review, it’s really important that we have a conversation with you to understand what has happened, and how we can make sure future reviews are positive.

If the review is 2 stars or below, your account could be placed on a temporary hold until we can have this conversation.

If you have received multiple 3 star reviews in a row, your account will also be placed on hold until we have an opportunity to talk to you.

In any case, you will be sent an automated email outlining the next steps and providing a link to book in a call.

I really enjoyed my Stint, can I go back there?

We’re so glad you enjoyed your Stint! 

If you would like to go back to the business, review the Stint 5* on the app once the Stint is complete. We are then more likely to match you to that Stint again should you be available when the business next posts.

How can I see the reviews businesses have given to me?

You can see your reviews on your profile on the app. In order to see your profile, click your name under your profile photo on the side menu. Scroll to the bottom of your profile and you will be able to see your reviews. You will also be notified of new reviews via push notification.

How do I review my Stint, is it anonymous?

Watch our video on how to review a Stint:

The reviews you give to businesses are anonymous, meaning the business won’t be able to see your name. Other students on the platform will be able to see your first name, stars & comment that you leave. 

Remember, your work and feedback helps build a more positive experience for other Students!

Cancellation and compensation policies

My Stint has been cancelled by the business

You will be notified by a push notification and text message in the unlikely event of a business cancelling your Stint; the Stint will also disappear from your app. You will receive an email confirming the cancellation and informing you of any potential compensation.

Please email the customer service team via if you have any questions regarding a cancellation.

Can I appeal my cancellation penalty?

We understand that life can get messy and unexpected situations arise. We understand that a family member can get ill, an accident can occur, or you suddenly feel unwell. We have a system in place that takes into account these situations. 

Following a cancellation, you will be asked to submit a form explaining why you were unable to attend your Stint. Where possible, including things like a doctor’s note will help us to resolve the issue quickly. This is especially useful if you have had previous late notice cancellations. 

you can also get in touch with our Customer Service team at if you would like to discuss your cancellation penalty.

Top Tip: If you are feeling unwell the day before the Stint, it’s better to pull out then than on the day! The later you leave it to cancel, the more it will affect your Stint profile.

How do I cancel my Stint?

You can cancel your stint by going to ‘My Stints’, finding your stint and then pressing ‘cancel’ at the bottom.

What is your policy on Stint cancellations?

The policy is as follows:

  • Cancellations between 24-48 hours before a Stint will result in a 3 star rating
  • Cancellations between 12-24 hours before a Stint will result in a 2 star rating
  • Cancellations less than 12 hours before a Stint begins will result in a 1 star rating and your account automatically being placed on hold

Why do you have cancellation penalties?

Cancelling your stint or Guaranteed Stint causes us a lot of problems, and isn’t fair on other students on our platform. There are a lot of people affected when students cancel stints – our team is under pressure to find a replacement, another student has a rushed experience, and the business has a bad experience, compromising our relationship with them. 

You wouldn’t believe some of the excuses we have had for cancelling stints last-minute. Here are some of our favourites: 

“It was raining so I didn’t want to go”

“I forgot my wallet at home”

“My microwave has broken”

“My phone battery died when I was almost at the Stint, so I took it as a sign to turn back home and go to bed”

We believe we offer students a chance to work whenever they want, get paid within the week and experience some of the most exciting places to work. In return, we ask that you respect our rules!

Problem on my Stint

The business has told me I can go home early, what do I do?

If a business has sent you home early, you need to inform us straight away by calling the student helpline on: +44 20 4538 4563. If you have been sent home early due to a change in requirements on the part of the business, you will be compensated.

If a business has asked you to leave due to poor performance, a bad attitude, or incorrect uniform, we will need to have a conversation with you and you will only be compensated for the time you were actually on the Stint.

If you do not let us know, and we pay you for the full amount, then there will be disciplinary consequences, as this is a form of fraud.

I am not feeling very well at my Stint

Always make sure you’re drinking plenty of water during your Stint – we recommend at least one glass for every two hours you work.

If you feel very unwell, and think you may need to leave your Stint, please let us know before you leave. This way, we’ll know you had a valid reason for leaving early and we’ll be able to assign your Stint to another student who is looking for work.

You can contact the team on +44 20 4538 4563.

I have a problem at my Stint

If you experience any problem at your Stint, please let us know at This address is constantly monitored throughout the day and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

If the issue is urgent and you are currently on your Stint, you can also call +44 20 4538 4563 — make sure to choose the correct options to be put through to an agent that will be able to help.

I have turned up to a Stint and a Stint student is already there

This is very unlikely to happen, but if it does, the first thing to do is call the student helpline on +44 20 4538 4563 and let them know. They will guide you through the next steps and get this issue sorted for you.

I have ended up doing something different to what I thought I was going to be doing

The tasks you are asked to complete should always be in line with tasks listed in your app. We are really sorry if you find this not to be the case on one of your Stints. 

If this does happen, then it is important that you let us know after the Stint has finished. An Account Manager from Stint HQ will get in touch with the business and work with them to make sure the description of the role is more accurate for future students. 

You can let us know via – this address is constantly monitored.

Types of Stint

If I am signed up to do a role like Host(ess), is there a chance I might be asked to do something else as well?

We work with our businesses to ensure that the role descriptions and the tasks you see on the app are as clear as possible. 

However, it is possible that your role can encompass other tasks whilst you’re at your Stint. If this is the case, let the team know so we can work with the business further to make sure the next students get as much information as possible.

What if I am uncomfortable with carrying trays, plates or heavier things, is that a problem?

That’s not a problem whatsoever.

You can let us know about any restrictions you have when you create an account, and you can update these at any time under Settings > Exceptions and Health. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with

I cannot work with alcohol, is that a problem?

Not at all, we have plenty of Stints that do not involve alcohol. You can let us know about any restrictions you have when you create an account, and you can update these at any time under Settings > Exceptions and Health. 

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with

I have never been a Waiter(ess)/Bar Back/Host(ess)/Runner before, is that a problem?

The short answer is: no!

Most of the students on our platform have never done any hospitality work before, so don’t worry if you don’t have any experience. The whole concept of Stint is that a university student can come into a business and help for a few hours. It’s natural to feel nervous before your first couple of Stints, but as long as you work hard and have a good attitude, you will do very well! We won’t throw you in the deep end and we aim to build you up through your Stints. These early Stints represent a good opportunity to solidify a strong profile through an excellent working attitude and great reliability.

What types of businesses can I work with through Stint?

Stint works with a whole host of different businesses. 

The majority of businesses on the Stint platform are in the hospitality industry and retail. So think bars, restaurants, hotels, cafes and clothing stores. 

We also work with head offices which use Stint for things like data entry and packing boxes.

How long are Stints?

Some Stints can be as short as one or two hours — helping a business in their lunchtime rush — while others can be up to eight hours long (these are usually on weekends and evenings).

We tend to have Stints from as early as 7am, while some Stints stretch later into the night, particularly if you are working in a club, bar or restaurant.

What will I be doing on Stints?

You’ll have a set of tasks that are basic but vital to the running of the business. You’ll be able to see the exact list of tasks for each Stint in your Stint Offer. Examples of some of the most common tasks are:

  • Polishing glasses
  • Polishing cutlery
  • Refilling tap water
  • Clearing tables
  • Setting tables
  • Loading and unloading the dishwasher
  • Sweeping the floor

Getting matched to Stints

I got notified of a Stint match, but there was no Stint in my app, why?

If you open the app and cannot see the Stint offered, then the Stint was probably accepted by another student. Stints are often accepted quickly, so make sure you are quick to respond to any offers you receive.

I am not getting matched to any Stints, why?

There are a few things that could be causing this:

1. You’re new to the platform: Upon first joining Stint, you may find that you aren’t receiving as many offers as you would like. This is because your first few reviews will help us to assess the kind of Stints that are best suited to you. This means that when you first join the platform, you might receive Stint offers less frequently while we await initial feedback. It’s really important that you try your best to achieve 5* reviews during this period, as it will help us to send you the widest range of Stints possible.

2. You’ve had a negative review: If you have already been on Stints, negative reviews could be affecting the number of offers you are receiving. Your average rating will influence the number of Stints you receive. If you get a bad review but generally receive very high ratings, this shouldn’t have too much of an effect. A poor review can have a bigger effect if you don’t already have a track record of good Stints.

3. You’ve had a reliability issue: Last minute pull-outs, cancellations, bad communication, and arriving late will result in the equivalent of poor reviews, this means that being unreliable will also affect the number of Stints you receive.

4. Your availability window is too narrow: The wider your availability window, the more Stints will be available for you. There will also be a greater number of Stints during busier times, such as lunch and dinner, or during the weekends (where the demand is higher amongst the businesses we work with). If you would like more offers, it might be worth tweaking your availability.

How will I know there is a Stint Offer in my app?

You will receive push notifications with the available Stints.

Make sure you are connected to the internet and open the app in order to accept the offer once you see them on your phone.

How long after I input availability will I get matched to a Stint?

We do our best to match you as soon as possible with a Stints that matches your availability slot; generally you will be offered Stints as soon as you finish putting in your availability (if we have Stints during these times). Make sure to consistently update your availability as accurately as possible, so our algorithm can match you with Stints!

In the rare instance that another student cancels at short-notice, we often need to get a student to a business quickly, so consistently updating your availability allows us to match you with a Stint rapidly.

Availability and how it works

What lengths/timings of availability will get me the most Stint matches?

Students who receive better reviews have a greater choice of Stints.


Generally, the broader your availability is, the more likely that you will be matched to a Stint. Most of our Stints are in the hospitality industry, and therefore take place around peak lunch and dinner times.


Lunchtime Stints usually start around midday and finish around 3pm. If you are looking for a shorter Stint then its useful to set your availability for that period of time. Most of our Stints take place in the evening, from 5/6pm until around 11pm. Very few Stints finish by 10pm so if you’re looking for a longer Stint setting your availability to finishing around 11pm at the earliest is advisable.

It is less likely that availability starting at 7pm onwards will be matched to many Stints, as dinner service is in full swing from 6pm at most businesses. However, if you have not received a Stint offer by the evening this does not mean you will not work that day; we are always on the lookout for students to fill last-minute Stints!

How short or long can my availability be?

Your availability can be anywhere in between 1 hour and 24 hours. Do bear in mind that our average Stint is approximately 5 hours long, so the wider your availability is, the more likely you are to be matched to a Stint. 

If, for instance, you have a lecture at 1pm, you can work both before and after it. Just make sure that any availability you input doesn’t cover the hours you are busy. 

What if I go on holiday or have a lot of university work, and I can’t input my availability for a while?

One of the great things about Stint is there are no minimum hours per week or per month that you need to fulfill! You can work whenever you want, even if you come back from a three-month summer holiday or a year abroad.

The more positive reviews you have and the higher your reliability rating, the faster you will be offered Stints when you return.

I'm not 100% sure I can work — should I say I'm available?

If you are not 100% sure, it’s best not to state that you are available. If you do input your availability, make sure to keep it up to date if any other commitments come up. 

If you accept a stint when you’re unsure whether you’ll be available, this might mean you need to cancel at short notice. If you do that, your rating will be impacted, meaning fewer stint matches in future.

How do I add, edit & remove availability?

You can add, edit & remove availability as much as you like – the important thing is to keep it as up to date as possible!

What's availability and how does it work?

In order to be matched with Stints, you need to let us know you are available to work. Once we know you are free, our algorithm starts looking for Stints to match you to.

It is very important for you to only enter availability for when you are definitely free to work. Letting us know you are free to work when you actually aren’t might mean that other students miss out on stints.