The flexibility
your team needs

Solve your staffing challenges with our flexible workforce. Stinters complete basic tasks when you need them, freeing up your core team to focus on the most value-adding work.

Stint is here to make your staffing easier

We connect you with Stinters who’ll work for as little as two hours at a time, allowing you to improve your customer and team experience, whilst keeping your costs under control

Give your customers the experience they deserve

Enhance the customer experience by having enough hands to deliver on your promise, no matter the time of day

Do more to help your team thrive

Provide support for your team at those daily peaks when they need it most, and breed a happier work place with stable and committed employees

Keep overall costs under control

Deploy your team with more precision so you can drive revenue during your busy periods, and stay affordable during quiet periods

Stint has helped Chipotle reduce their labour line, increase the number of transactions at their daily peak times, and improve overall guest satisfaction in the restaurant. Hear their story.

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A new way to look at hospitality staffing

By supplying a workforce of energetic Stinters for the short, busy periods to take care of the basic tasks every day, Stint helps you work smarter and increase profit – without compromise

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Stint For Stinters

We’re transforming the way you earn money. Shifts can come at the worst of times. Stints don’t. You decide when and where you work. No CVs. No interviews. No experience necessary.

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