How do I sign up?

Do I need experience to use Stint?

You don’t need any experience to earn with Stint. Most of the Stinters on our platform have never done any hospitality work before – the whole concept of Stint is that anyone can come into a business and help for a few hours. As long as you work hard and have a good attitude, you’ll smash it.

Do I need a CV?

No, you don’t need a CV to earn with Stint.

Will I have an interview?

Nope! We just need to confirm your right to work in the UK, which you can do in minutes on the app. Follow the instructions and we’ll take care of the rest.

How Stint works?

When do I work?

The incredible thing about Stint is that you can work literally whenever you want. You decide the shifts you want, and ignore the ones you don’t.

Are there minimum hours?

One of the great things about Stint is there are no minimum hours per week or month that you need to fulfil. If you’re busy with other stuff, no worries.

Can I pause my Stints?

You can stop Stinting anytime. Just start again when you’re ready! Even if you come back from a three-month summer holiday or a year abroad.

What's availability and how does it work?

In order to be matched with Stints, you need to let us know when you want to work by entering your availability. Once we know you are free, our algorithm starts looking for Stints to match you with.

Generally, the broader your availability is, the more likely that you will be matched to a Stint. Most of our Stints are in the hospitality industry, and therefore take place around peak lunch and dinner times.

Can I work at another place whilst using Stint?

Another benefit of using Stint is that you can work for another company as well. No problem!

Do I need a uniform?

Some businesses do require specific clothing – but it’s likely you already own it – for example, plain black t-shirts, trousers, smart shoes or black trainers.

The dress code for some Stints may vary, so please check the app beforehand. If you show up in the wrong clothes, the business could send you home.

What will I be doing?

What will I be doing on Stints?

You’ll be doing work that’s basic but vital to the business, like clearing tables, polishing cutlery, and refilling water jugs. We work with our businesses to ensure that the role descriptions and the tasks you see on the app are as clear as possible.

What sort of tasks?

You’ll have a set of tasks that are basic but vital to the running of the business. Examples of some of the most common tasks are:

  • Polishing glasses
  • Polishing cutlery
  • Refilling tap water
  • Clearing tables
  • Setting tables
  • Loading and unloading the dishwasher
  • Sweeping the floor

What types of businesses will I work with through Stint?

The majority of businesses on the Stint platform are in the hospitality industry. So think bars, restaurants, cafes and hotels.

How long are Stints?

Some Stints can be as short as two hours, while others can be up to eight hours long (these are usually on weekends and evenings).

We tend to have Stints from as early as 7am, while some Stints stretch later into the night, particularly if you are working in a club, bar or restaurant.

Getting paid

When and how do I get paid?

You will be paid for your Stint the week after it takes place, on Friday. This means if you work between Monday to Sunday, you will be paid the Friday of the following week, not the current week.

Can I take tips?

Tips can be a bonus for working on a Stint, but they are not guaranteed. If a business offers you tips, feel free to take them. Well done! You must have done a great job.


How can I see the reviews businesses have given to me?

You can view your reviews in the Stinter app. Simply click on ‘Account’ in the bottom right hand side, followed by ‘View profile’ and then ‘Reviews’. You will also be notified of new reviews via push notification.

How do I review my Stint?

Stinter feedback is important to us and you will be prompted to review your Stint in-app after it is completed. The reviews you give to businesses are anonymous, meaning the business won’t be able to see your name. Other Stinters on the platform will be able to see your first name, stars and the comment that you leave.

Remember, your work and feedback helps build a more positive experience for other Stinters!