I’m worried about bringing a student into my business, how do I know it is safe to do so?

At Stint, it is our first priority to provide the safest service possible for both students and businesses. With social distancing and other government guidelines likely to continue for the foreseeable future, it is understandable that businesses might be hesitant to bring external workers into their business. We are constantly updating our processes in line with updates from the government and will always inform you if any major changes are being made.

All students must complete a form outlining all current guidelines and symptoms to look out for before being accepted to a Stint. We can assure you that we are very vigilant with our health and safety policies, particularly during this period.

About Stint

How is Stint different to a traditional staffing agency?

Stint works with hospitality businesses to correctly staff throughout the day by integrating Stint students into their rota. Stint has created an entirely new operating model that allows operators to ensure that customers are happy, their team is thriving, all while keeping costs under control.

Whilst a traditional staffing agency might help fill in gaps whenever they appear, Stint tackles the inefficiencies involved with staffing at its core, allowing businesses to be correctly staffed at every hour of the day which was traditionally not possible.

Businesses no longer have to compromise between customers, team or costs – experiencing a future with no more trade-offs.

Getting Started

How do I get started?

Getting started is easy —  just get in touch with us to arrange a consultation with a member of our team. From there, we will guide you through the necessary steps towards being onboarded. We’ll establish some of the key patterns of your business and highlight exactly how much money you should be saving, before creating and implementing a tailored staffing rota. After that, it’s all about constant feedback until we have a perfect fit.

Do I need to go through onboarding?

Yes, onboarding is a key part of the process as it allows us to understand exactly how your business works to enable us to create a fit that is perfect for you. Every business has differences in the way they operate, when they’re busy and how they’re set up. It is important that we understand all of this before making the switch towards staffing with Stint.


I’m just looking for casual staff. Can I use Stint every now and then?

Because of the flexible nature of our platform and students, it can be tempting to want to use Stint to cover irregular shifts.

However, for Stint to be effective, it should be used consistently and regularly. The purpose of our platform is to allow businesses to eliminate excess hours on a daily basis, not to cover gaps on an ad-hoc basis.

We strongly feel that every business can and should be using Stint in this way to dramatically improve their operations. If you are not convinced it would work for you, get in touch and let us change your mind.

I’ve had a staff member call in sick, can I use Stint to replace them?

We allow businesses to book a Stint last minute (within 24 hours of the Stint start time) only if they have been onboarded and are using the platform regularly.

We would advise that you seek out one of the many great temporary staffing agencies out there who will be more than happy to provide workers on an ad-hoc basis if this is what you are after.

Do you provide Chefs/skilled staff members?

No, we do not. The students are there to perform only the basic tasks which require no experience. We compile these tasks together to create Stints — a combination of straightforward responsibilities such as clearing/resetting tables, collecting glasses, polishing cutlery etc. Your trained staff are now freed up to focus solely on providing fantastic customer service and all of the tasks that drive revenue.  

There are a number of staffing agencies available which do offer Chefs/skilled staff who we would recommend you reach out to in this instance.

How can I contact you?

We encourage you to reach out to our Business Support team at 01344231541 for any questions you might have!


How much does it cost?

£10.99/hour. We wanted to make the cost of using a Stint employee no more expensive than it is to employ a regular staff member, once you take into account the costs of employment such as holiday pay, sick pay, pension contributions, NI etc. On top of this, the students are coming in just for 2-3 hours instead of the traditional 7-8 hour shift you’d give to your full time employees. 

Once these costs are accounted for, the all-in costs of using Stint are identical — if not less — than employing a regular staff member.

How does payment work?

We wanted to make payment as simple and easy as possible. 

Payments will be taken via our direct debit and card payment facility, Stripe, in which clients can enrol using their business’s bank or card details. Invoice payments are collected automatically on a weekly basis.

Are there any additional costs?

No, the only cost involved is the hourly rate.

Can I pay the students in cash?

No, all transactions are done electronically to avoid any errors or mispayments. But, don’t worry, we take care of all the tricky stuff.

Is VAT included in your hourly rate?

VAT is not included in the £10.99 hourly rate. Standard VAT applies and is included on all invoices.

The App

How do I book my Stints for the week?

Booking your Stints can be done straight through the app or web platform. You can organise an app demo with a member of our team at any time.

Can I use Stint on an Android device?

Yes, Stint is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

Why should I rate my Stints?

Providing feedback and rating students is at the core of our platform. After each Stint, rating students will alert our system as to who you would or would not like to return to your business. 

Ensuring you are always rating students will make for a far better experience for both parties and will ultimately ensure a higher rate of repeat students. It is important to let the students know what they’re doing well and what they need to improve, so the more ratings and feedback we get, the better our students will be. 

If you haven’t rated the student within seven days, we will give them an automatic 5 star rating, so it’s really important to rate students especially when you think there is room for improvement.

Do the students rate us?

Yes, we operate using a two-way rating system to ensure both parties are getting the most out of their experience. Students love working at businesses who have a great history of feedback from their fellow students. Ensuring students are looked after plays a big role in the matching process and has a substantial impact on your ability to find repeat students. The happier the students are, the more likely they are to come back!

Can I cancel my Stints?

Yes, cancelling a Stint is very straightforward and can be done by locating the Stint you want to cancel in the ‘My Stints’ section of the app.

However, be sure to read our cancellation policy before doing so to avoid any extra charges.

Details of the Stints

What is the minimum Stint length?

The minimum Stint length is 1.5 hours. The average Stint lasts between 1.5-3 hours.

Can I get a Stint at short notice?

We encourage all businesses to post their weekly Stints in advance to ensure they are matched to the most suitable students for each Stint. Leaving posting until the last minute can cause issues with compatibility and sometimes result in lateness.

If something does pop up at the last minute outside of your regular weekly Stints, you can post the details through the app as you usually would, but make sure you are aware of the disadvantages that come with doing so.

Why should we book in advance?

Posting in advance ensures that you are matched with the most suitable students for the role in question and maximises your chances of getting students who have worked with you before. 

As your sessions tend to fall within the same time frames week-by-week, you will be able to build up regularity with your favourite students as their timetables generally coincide with the times you need them. Posting in advance ensures that these students are able to prioritise and accept your Stints first.

What is the cancellation policy?

No assignment or within 5 minutes of posting — No Charge

+24 hours — No Charge

12-24 hours — 10% Charge

6-12 hours — 20% Charge

3-6 hours — 40% Charge

1-3 hours — 60% Charge

<1 hour before — 100% Charge if the Stint is less than 4 hours long

<1 hour before — 85% Charge if the Stint is longer than 4 hours

What happens if my Stint doesn’t show up?

It is very unlikely that a Stint wont show up to a Stint at all, and our Business Support team will always notify you if a student is going to be late or if there are any last minute changes to your assigned student.

If, in the unlikely case, a student does not show up and you haven’t heard from us, you should reach out to our Business Support team and let them know as soon as you can. From there, we will ensure a student gets to you as quickly as possible and will carry out an investigation into what happened.

Can I choose which students I get?

No, we do all the legwork. One of the benefits of Stint is that it lets you reduce the time spent managing your rota to allow you to focus on more important aspects of your business. All you need to do is confirm the details of what is required week-by-week, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Our system will always prioritise the best candidates for any Stint based on a number of different suitability factors. These include whether or not they have worked with you before, their performance in similar businesses to yours as well as their specific strengths as a Stint worker.

Can I get the same student every time?

Our aim with every business is to achieve a situation where the majority of your Stints are carried out by repeat students. 

As your spikes in trade generally fall into the same time slots week-by-week, the chances are the same students will be available during those times too. Ensuring you are always rating students after each Stint will tell us if you would or would not like them to return. The more 5 star ratings you give out, the higher your repeatability percentage becomes.

When posting a Stint, students who have worked with you before and received positive feedback will be prioritised but there is no way to request a specific student for a Stint.

What uniform can we request?

All students are required to have the following items of clothing in order to be eligible to work through our platform:

  • Black t-shirt
  • Black long-sleeve collared shirt
  • White long-sleeve collared shirt
  • Black trainers
  • Smart black shoes
  • Black trousers
  • Black jeans
  • Black socks

Students on the whole prefer wearing casual uniform when possible (t-shirt, jeans and trainers), so if that is appropriate for your business, we suggest choosing those items.

If you have any items of uniform specific to your business you would like the student to wear (aprons, jackets etc.), then feel free to include those when specifying uniform requirements!

Can I extend my Stint if I require them for longer than expected?

On some occasions, you may want to extend the length of your Stint if you require our student’s help for a little longer than anticipated. In order to do this, you will need to ask the student if they are happy to stay on until the specified time.

After the Stint is completed, the student will have the option to ‘submit overtime’ through the app by selecting their new ‘finish time’. If in the unlikely event of a student arriving late to their Stint, this will be considered when calculating overtime to ensure they are paid in accordance with how many hours were worked.

If they are unable to stay on longer and you would like some extra support, post a new Stint through your app and we’ll do everything we can to get someone over for the specified time.

What is meant by ‘basic tasks’?

Basic tasks are those that require little to no skill or experience, but are vital to the running of your business. During onboarding, we will help you determine which basic tasks your staff are carrying out which could be done by a Stint student instead.


Here are some common examples of how businesses use Stint:

  • Clearing/resetting tables
  • Polishing cutlery and glassware
  • Greeting customers and taking them to their tables
  • Emptying and reloading dishwashers
  • Filling up jugs of water
  • Taking customers coats
  • Taking empty dishes away from customers between courses
  • Collecting glasses
  • Keeping the front area tidy
  • Helping set up
  • Helping close down
  • Stock assistance (retail)
  • Keeping the main floor tidy and presentable (retail)
  • Tagging clothing items (retail)
  • Managing click-and-collect function (retail)

Why can students only perform basic tasks?

Stint generates benefits by introducing a division of labour into your business. Without Stint, your trained staff have to juggle basic tasks — which are vital to running your business — with skilled, value-added tasks which drive revenue. With Stint, those basic tasks are completely taken away from them, allowing them to focus completely on providing great customer service. 

Stint students can carry out these basic tasks just as well as your trained staff because no skill is required, but they won’t be able to perform skilled, value-added tasks to the same standard – those are best left to your core team.


How do you ensure students have a right to work?

We have an extensive vetting process for the students on our platform to ensure they are all legally able to work at your business.

Each student is met in person and required to provide both valid passports/right to work documents which are recorded on our system. 

Any international students’ weekly hours will also be capped accordingly.

We have our own Health & Safety policies, how will the students know about this?

A key part of onboarding with Stint is establishing the specifics of your Health & Safety rules and regulations and ensuring it is correctly passed on to each student carrying out a Stint at your business. The following information is collected during the process:

  • Fire-exit locations
  • Any obvious dangers/hazards involved in a specific Stint and/or on the site they’ll be working at
  • Who to report to/what to do in the case of a Health & Safety risk or injury during the Stint
  • Location of any first aid boxes and identity of any trained personnel
  • Any workplace measures or working practices in place to control risks, e.g. staff must not run in the kitchen, the non-slip floor covering must remain in place at all times etc
  • Any other important site-specific Health & Safety information

All details will be presented to students within their app before carrying out a Stint.

Health & Safety, however, is a collaborative process between Stint and each business. Any information we provide to students should not replace the Health & Safety training that you would ordinarily provide to your employees when they join the business.

Are Stint students covered by insurance?

Stint has public liability insurance, employer’s liability insurance, and professional indemnity insurance covering up to £5m, £10m, and £1m per claim respectively. Students who come and work on your premises will be covered by the same injury-related insurance policies that your staff are covered by.

The Students

How reliable are Stint students?

Ensuring students are always on time is a top priority of ours. Every week, hundreds of businesses rely on Stint during their spikes in trade as a key part of their rota, therefore we have a number of different structures in place to ensure lateness and no shows are avoided at all costs.

Firstly, all students are notified with a detailed travel plan for getting from their location to your business with time to spare. Our app then uses smart geo-tracking software to monitor students’ whereabouts in the lead up to their Stint to ensure they are on course to arrive on time. 

Students are also rated on their punctuality. If they miss their check in time, their punctuality rating will drop depending on the extent of their lateness which will impact their ability to find Stints going forward.

How experienced are the students?

Our students are not (for the most part) hospitality or retail experts. Their purpose is to cover the basic tasks in your business to free your core team up to do what they do best, when it matters most.

However, our students learn very quickly, and soon gain experience in executing these tasks to a very high standard. They are also supported by a number of training and guidance resources to ensure they always know how to execute the job at hand and what the specific requirements of each business are.

How do I know the students will be good?

We meet every student that we onboard onto the Stint platform to get a sense of the types of tasks and businesses they would be best suited to, and we always aim to match your Stint to a student with the right profile.

Once a student is onboarded, our competitive rating system ensures that they will be hard-working and motivated on every Stint. They know that they need to perform well on Stints, otherwise they will be rated poorly and will have trouble finding Stints in future.

Finally, we will aim to match you with repeats where possible — these are students who have worked at your business before and received a 4 or 5 star rating from you.

How old are the students?

Every student must be at least 18 years old. This is confirmed during the student onboarding process.

Do all students speak English?

Yes, all students must speak English.