Frequently Asked Questions

I’m worried about bringing a student into my business, how do I know it is safe to do so?
How is Stint different to a traditional staffing agency?
How do I get started?
Do I need to go through onboarding?
I’m just looking for casual staff. Can I use Stint every now and then?
Do you provide Chefs/skilled staff members?
How much does it cost?
How do I book my Stints for the week?

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What do I do when I arrive at my Stint?
My Stint is finished, what should I make sure to do?
How can I do well at my Stints?
Can I get a reference?
I have never been a Waiter(ess)/Bar Back/Host(ess)/Runner before, is that a problem?
What types of businesses can I work with through Stint?
How long are Stints?
What will I be doing on Stints?

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