Make a simple change to your staffing model

Boost your revenues at busy periods, while maximising customer and employee satisfaction. We’ve helped businesses increase profitability by 25-100%. Try it for 4 weeks at no cost when you re-open.

Staff smarter for your busy spikes in trade

When you re-open, do something you’ve never been able to do before: have the right amount of staff at every hour of the day. We provide a workforce of students* who will cover just your short busy periods, every day.

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*But don't worry, we're not your standard staffing agency
Without Stint
With Stint
This simple change allows you to maximise sales during your busy periods. Every day of the week

Keep costs under control

Bring in extra staff to complement your core team, but only for the few hours that you really need them

Boost your sales

With the ability to bring someone in for two hours, you can have the right amount of staff when you’re busy, and ensure your core team can focus on customer service. What’s the impact? Happier customers, faster throughput, and more time for upselling.

Increase your operating profit

We’re on a mission to help the UK Hospitality industry bounce back from lockdown. Our new way of looking at staffing has transformed hundreds of businesses to become more profitable. Now it’s your turn.

Reduce your team churn

With Stint, your tighter core staff will get the hours they want and can focus on doing what they're trained to do - serving customers - without being overstretched. That means lower churn which leads to lower recruitment and training costs.
Sujith d'Almeida, Owner, Urban Tandoor

Making it easy for you

When you integrate with Stint, we take care of it all so you don’t have to worry about a thing. And we do it all with no sign-up fee, no retainer and no contract.

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  • Forecasting tool - use our system to see the most efficient way you can staff your whole team throughout the week using Stint workers
  • Web dashboard - easily manage Stint usage across your sites, tracking and measuring what's important

Stint For Students

Students, we’ve transformed the way you can earn money at University. We know it’s hard to work around your constantly changing schedules of studying and socialising. We help you by providing the ability to work around this lifestyle, with no commitments and no experience necessary.

Stint for students