Operate way more efficiently

Stint is a new way to look at hospitality staffing. It’s a method that has been proven to help businesses work smarter and save money.

Labour percentage

Keep costs under control whilst you boost your sales at busy periods

Team Churn

Happier team → lower churn
Lower churn → lower costs

Operating Profit

A significant increase in your annual profits

Planning staffing by the hour

Integrating with Stint gives you the ability to do something you’ve never done before: bring in staff for just a couple of hours when you’re busy. That means you can have the right number of staff for every hour of the day.

  • Happier staff - with the ideal number of staff when you're busy, they won't be overstretched.
  • Increase sales - with the ideal number of staff when you're busy, you’ll improve customer service, spend-per-head, and throughput.

Optimise your team

Imagine a scenario where your skilled staff only do the revenue-generating roles, while the basic tasks are taken care of by us. What’s the impact?

  • Increased spend-per-head - now that your skilled staff can focus on the customer, they can concentrate on upselling
  • Faster throughput - customers are served a lot quicker now
  • Happier team - your skilled staff don't want to do the low-skilled tasks. Now they don't have to
  • Happier customers - more attention to customers -> better reviews and more repeats
Customer Implementation

Custom implementation

Every business is different, so we’ll make sure that Stint fits perfectly into your business. Then we won’t leave your side until you’re seeing the financial impact that you should be.

  • Access to forecasting tool
  • 4-week onboarding process
  • Ongoing support
  • Dedicated integration specialist
Customer Implementation

Seamless matching process

We’ve spent over a year building new technology that will make sure you get the ideal, reliable student for every Stint

  • Automated prepping and geotracking - we'll make sure students are fully prepared and arrive on time, so you can focus on your day-to-day.
  • Review system - we'll make sure the students you like keep coming back — and those you don't, won't.

How it works

You can see these benefits in no time. We have a smooth process that we’ve taken hundreds of businesses through. Check it out.

Establish rota and Stint types

We’ll work with you to determine the most efficient way to staff throughout the week, with the use of 2-3 hours Stints. Then we’ll figure out what basic tasks the students can do, and what they’ll wear.

Post Stints on the app

Apply this template to as many weeks as you want, and make adjustments as you see fit.

Let a student take care of the Stint

We’ve onboarded a pool of vetted, hard-working students. One of them will arrive, knowing exactly what to do and what to wear.

Leave a review

You review the student, they review you. We match people together who get on well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get fast answers to your most pressing questions about Stint.

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