The podcast designed specifically for you, our students, supporting our mission to help you in every way possible 🤝 

We founded Stint with the mission of supporting each individual student in every way we can. That’s why we have created a podcast series exclusively for students. 

The Next Step sees us sit down with leaders from all walks of life in order to get their advice regarding how you can take the next step in your life beyond university. This isn’t another careers advice podcast. Instead, you’ll find open, honest conversations with your own journey at the heart of every episode. 

Enough with the introduction — we prefer to let our guests do the talking. 

#1: Sir Anthony Seldon

First up, we spoke to Sir Anthony Seldon, renowned headmaster, university Vice Chancellor and contemporary biographer and historian. Sir Anthony has a truly unique perspective on the education system and the pressures faced by young people. His work and approach to happiness and living a life of fulfilment is truly fascinating and something every single one of us can learn from. 

#2: Craig Kreeger

The guest for our second episode is Craig Kreeger, former CEO of Virgin Atlantic and current non-executive director of Virgin Galactic. Craig’s journey to becoming the CEO of Virgin Atlantic was driven by his willingness to throw himself into any situation and his commitment to making sure he always felt as fulfilled and happy as possible. This conversation provides invaluable advice for students who are currently unsure about where they are heading, with Craig outlining the things any student should look for before settling on a job.

#3: Peter Dickson

For our first insight into the world of entertainment we spoke to Peter Dickson, a narrator, broadcaster and author best known for being the iconic voice of Britain’s Got Talent and the X-Factor. Peter’s journey to becoming the voice of British TV started when he was a student at Queen’s University Belfast, where he accepted a part-time radio job at the local BBC station. To this day, Peter credits this move for his big break, and urges students of today to follow suit in accepting all opportunities even if there is no visible reward or financial incentive.

#4: Brigid Simmonds

We spoke to our friend Brigid Simmonds, a member of the Stint advisory board and current Chairman of the Betting & Gaming Council. Brigid delves into her experience as a female CEO and encourages other ambitious women to not back down until they are valued appropriately.

#5: Ed Foy

For our first episode with a fellow startup pioneer, we sat down with Ed Foy, founder of PRESS — the health juice and food retail business which is now a household name across the UK. Ed shares valuable advice for students with entrepreneurial ambitions, and explains why young people are best-placed to have the energy to deal with the challenges of running a business. 

#6: Steve Clark

Steve Clarke is the former chief executive of WHSmith, a post he held for six years until 2019. Whilst at university Steve spent time working part-time in a range of retail stores, experiences that he credits with his choice to pursue a career in the sector full time. 

#7: Annabel Croft

Annabel Croft is a broadcaster, former professional tennis player and Wimbledon Girls champion. Annabel was on track for an incredibly successful career on the circuit until she decided to step away from the game at age 21. Annabel has no regrets and encourages our students to follow what makes them happy, just as she did.  

#8: Josh Browder

Josh Browder is one of the world’s most successful young entrepreneurs and founder of DoNotPay, the first ever robot lawyer. Josh was inspired to launch the platform after he kept racking up parking tickets outside the school him and Sol attended – the pair remain friends to this day. 

#9: Paul Stephenson & Ameet Gill

Paul Stephenson and Ameet Gill are heavyweights in the world of politics, with former roles as Director of Communications for the Vote Leave campaign and Director of Strategy to David Cameron respectively. The duo are also co-founders of PR agency Hanbury Strategy.

#10: Anthony Collias & Jacob Wedderburn-Day

Anthony Collias and Jacob Wedderburn-Day are co-founders of Stasher, the world’s first luggage storage network, as well as their new venture, Treepoints. The duo encourage our students to start a business straight out of university, citing how the rewards massively outweigh the risks when you are young.

#11: Vinod Kumar

Vinod Kumar is the CEO of Vodafone Business and telecommunications industry leader, with over 30 years of experience in the telecommunications industry. Having lived and worked around the world, Vinod offers a unique perspective on global business. 

#12: Holly Gabrielle

Holly Gabrielle is a vegan student lifestyle vlogger who has gained huge success on her YouTube page. Having become one of the most influential study vloggers in the world in a very short space of time, Holly shares her perspective on what it means to be a voice of calm to so many students.

#13: Tim Steiner

Tim Steiner is the CEO of household-name grocery delivery business Ocado. We discuss Tim’s decision-making process and how he weighed up the risk of leaving a job at Goldman Sachs to run his own business. He also offers some useful guidance on how to maintain a healthy work-life balance. 

#14: Ed Couchman

Ed Couchman is currently the General Manager of Snapchat in the UK. Having previously held roles at Channel 4 and Facebook, Ed is well placed to comment on what’s next for the social media industry. Ed also shares some great advice on how to deal with setbacks early on in your career. 

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