When we created Stint in 2018, we set out to find a way for students to earn money in a flexible way at university. We never envisaged that any student would do anything but keep their hard-earned cash to themselves.

And then we met Cristina. Since downloading our app upon arriving in the UK from Romania in November 2019, Cristina has completed more than 91 Stints.

There’s nothing too unusual in that. But then Cristina caught our attention — because rather than spending her earnings on drinks and trainers, she has selflessly donated nearly every penny she has earned with Stint to charity.

A Criminology and Criminal Psychology student at the University of Greenwich, Cristina arrived in the UK aware that she wasn’t in desperate need of money thanks to the financial support of her parents.

However, she recalls watching the news and feeling compelled to help her community.

“I have everything I need in life so I felt like I should give something back,” she explains. “I don’t have financial problems, I have a family that supports me, and so many people don’t have that so just a bit of help can make a whole world of difference.”

She started by raising money for charities in her native Romania that provide food for children. “Hunger is something that you can’t ignore,” she says.

This progressed and Cristina started to send money to a range of charities back home, including a monastery that shelters children close to her home.

She is especially excited to visit Romania for the first time since the pandemic this summer, and meet some of the families she has helped.

“Whilst this money here that doesn’t seem a lot, in Romania it can make a really big difference – it’s the average monthly salary and so it goes a long way,” she explains

Cristina now works part-time in our student operations team, and when she told us her Stint story, we knew we had to get involved.

Stint will be matching Cristina’s donations, with the money going to UK charities providing meals for the vulnerable.

Cristina says she is “so excited” to work with us in picking a charity and we are incredibly proud to support students like Cristina who are determined to make a difference in the world.