Stint employees took on a lockdown challenge of getting fit to fund school meals for children stuck at home…

Our work culture is one of the defining features of Stint, so being ordered to stay away from the office has affected the spirits of our employees. 

That’s why we launched a January fitness challenge, encouraging Stint employees to keep fit, get out the house and raise money for an amazing cause in the process. We pledged to donate £5 for every kilometre run by a Stint employee in January, whilst the same distance on a bike would see £2 donated instead.

After a vote was held to settle on a charity, the office chose to support free school meals for children also frustratingly stuck at home over lockdown. 

The hospitality industry has already stepped up and helped provide meals for those in need — despite the vast problems facing the entire industry — after Marcus Rashford called for communities to take matters into their own hands.

We felt obliged to do our bit, and are delighted to have raised over £3,000 whilst having plenty of fun. Commenting on the initiative, coordinator and People Team manager Grace Redmayne said:

“Kindness is one of the core Stint values so we are committed to doing our bit for charity when we can. At the start of 2021, we thought it made sense to encourage everyone to get outside and fight lockdown blues whilst also helping young people struggling as a result of the pandemic. Plenty of fun was had rating people’s times on a specific slack channel, even if it doesn’t quite compare to the buzz of being together everyday in the office.”