We have partnered up with Court Correct in an attempt to make sure that students have the best chance possible of being compensated for the effect the pandemic has had on their university experience. 

Students have seen their university experience widely differ from that which they were expecting prior to the pandemic.

Whilst this is no means solely the fault of universities, it also means that students are entitled to seek compensation, particularly where expectations weren’t legally met.

However, few individual students have access to the time, money and expertise required to lodge a legal complaint on their own behalf.

That is where Court Correct comes in. Court Correct is an easy-access legal service, which makes it easy for students to seek legal support on a no-win-no-fee basis.

Court Correct then aims to establish whether a student’s experience is not just unsatisfactory, but also unlawful. Examples of claims that Court Correct currently encourage include:

  1. Teaching being cancelled and not rescheduled
  2. Students being obliged to pay for university or private accommodation whilst being stuck at home as a result of lockdown rules
  3. A lack of support, mental health or otherwise, from university institutions throughout the pandemic

Stint has partnered up with Court Correct in order to open up the possibility of easy-access legal redistribution to as many of our students as possible.

We won’t be taking any fees for our involvement, and instead will be donating our portion of any win-fees back to the student involved.

To register a claim, or learn more about Court Correct, use our unique Stint link to visit their website.