You don’t need to go out to have a good time. 

We will admit to missing a big night out every so often, and you probably do too. But given that a sweaty club sesh won’t be an option for quite a while yet, it’s important to recognise that there is more to fun than sticky floors and overpriced jagerbombs. 

There’s plenty of ways you can have loads of fun in the comfort of your own home/halls and in the safety of your Covid-secure bubble. Here are some of our top suggestions for a fun-filled night that will leave you wishing you never have to go clubbing again (not really…)

1. Come dine with me

For some guaranteed fun with your housemates, organise a game of Come Dine With Me. Each household member has to cook a three course meal for the rest of the house, as well as organising entertainment. Dress up and go wild. If you are in catered halls, microwave ready meals might have to do. Still lacking inspiration? Check out this fantastic video of a student game of Come Dine With Me.


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2. Karaoke

In the words of Will.I.Am, in times like these it’s important to ‘scream, and shout, and let it all out.’ Karaoke can be an amazing stress reliever and unique source of fun. Plug a laptop into your TV, load up a few songs and sing the night away. If you’re feeling competitive, organise a little talent show. You don’t have to be a good singer to nail a karaoke performance, it’s about timing, creativity and confidence. Good luck!

3. Poker

If you’re in need for a form of entertainment to last an entire evening, poker is the one. Don’t gamble with money — find forfeits, or chores instead. Winner doesn’t have to clean the house all week. Loser does the washing up. And if you need any last minute tips, check out our podcast episode with poker star Anmol Srivats. Anmol started on a budget of only £10 and thinks that students are the most fearless players in the game, so who knows, maybe you could be next…

4. Dobble

Don’t laugh, but dobble is an amazing way to spend the evening. It might sound childish, and you may think you don’t like playing games, but we guarantee that you’ll enjoy it once you get into it. If you’re competitive, beware — you’ll be going mad after one round, plus there are enough variations of the game to keep you entertained. And if you need to spice it up a bit, introduce some drinks, it’s hard enough when you’re sober.

5. Home Disco

If you really can’t deal without nightclubs, it’s time to work on the next best thing: turning your house into one. This one is for all those living in bigger houses. Get creative and turn your house into a discoteque: different themes for every room, flashing lights and an open bar. Still stuck for ideas? Then take inspiration from Molly Mae and turn your house into a disco inferno!