Zebrano bar on Greek Street, London, experienced the same timeless problem as every other hospitality business. Within the 5pm – 10pm window, they have a 2-hour period where they do c. 75% of their trade. However, they’re unable to give staff this 2-hour shift because they want to give their core-team members at least 35 hours per week, something owner Don describes as a “mismatch between what they need and what they have”.


Stint sat down with Don and put together a rota where Stints were scheduled in for those 2-hour shifts, every day of the week. They also figured out what basic tasks Stints would take care of, although in the end Stints often did “more than what they were asked to!” This allowed core-team staff tasked with making sales to focus on upselling and become “significantly more productive”.


In Don’s own words, the results are “very encouraging”. Now that Zebrano don’t need to rota on as many core staff to fill the busy periods, their Labour costs reduced. As a result, their overall labour percentage dropped. Not only that, but these results were seen in October 2020 and Don believes that the savings would be “significantly more” in normal times, with savings hitting up to £3-400,000 per year.

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