The Wine Parlour in Brixton is both a wine shop and a wine bar, and a small family business who view their wine-passionate team as family. Through the addition of Stinters completing the basic tasks during their daily peak times, the core team have been able to really focus on their customers and provide the best experience possible.

The core members of the team are able to do what they’re really passionate about which is talking to the customers about wine, giving them great service and having the time to really dedicate themselves. This is whilst the Stint Students focus on the jobs that ensure the smooth running of the business, including cleaning and wiping glasses and clearing tables.

Owner Chix Chandaria goes so far as to describe using Stint as ‘genius’ and considers her ‘Tannin Buster Stints’ a wonderful addition to her business. She mentions that through using Stint, on top of the team and customer benefits, there will definitely be a positive financial impact to her business due to her new ability to staff correctly for every hour of the day.

Chix Chandaria, Owner, The Wine Parlour

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