The opportunity

Situated on Fulham road, London, family-run Chelsea Crêperie first opened its doors back in October 2017. The crêperie’s owner, Darya Simanovich, was looking for a way to ensure she had the right amount of staff to handle customer demand during busy periods in trade, without having to employ someone for longer shifts and incur excess labour costs. Darya explained that she was “often understaffed” because she “wanted to save as much as possible on labour costs”, however she lamented that this approach meant that “the service wasn’t the same.”

The implementation

We sat down with Darya to establish Chelsea Crêperie’s busy spikes in trade, and used our AI forecasting tool to create a bespoke staffing rota that illustrated when her team could do with an extra pair of hands to help out.

We then established the basic tasks that would be undertaken by Stint students during the busy periods to enable the core staff to focus on the skilled tasks — including serving the customers. For Chelsea Crêperie, this included washing dishes and collecting plates from the tables, as well as leafletting in the local area to drive new customers to the site.

This rota presented a solution for Darya that meant she no longer had to compromise on customer service in a bid to save on labour costs.

The impact

As a result of implementing her bespoke rota and integrating Stint within her business, Darya states that she is now able to staff “perfectly” throughout the day. She added that “it was lovely for the team to have an extra pair of hands so they could focus on selling, upselling and providing amazing customer service”. This increase in revenue during peak times resulted in an increase in operating profit, and saw the Average Spend Per Transaction rise. Darya and the team at Chelsea Crêperie are looking forward to continuing to experience these results using Stint once the current lockdown is lifted.

Darya Simanovich, Owner, Chelsea Crêperie

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