Cafe Pacifico is the oldest Mexican restaurant in the UK and is located in the heart of Covent Garden in London. They have a philosophy for their staff where the aim is for them to spend 70% of their time doing the tasks they enjoy, and 30% on basic tasks such as glass polishing and table clearing.

By integrating with Stint, we’ve helped them overachieve this winning formula during their daily peaks, when they have even more time to focus on the tasks they enjoy, such as interacting with the customers. The Stinters now look after the 30% that distracts them from the parts of the job that they enjoy doing and that are integral to providing great customer service. This has had a significant impact on the team, who are now able to concentrate on the customer, with the owner describing the change to team mentality as “inspiring”.

Allowing the Stinters to do the basic tasks has not only led to an increase in customer service, but it’s also allowed Cafe Pacifico to give their team a lot more hands-on training. This is because they now have the opportunity to focus on their new staff, whilst trusting that the basic tasks central to running a hospitality business are covered by the Stinters.

Carlos Londoño, Owner, Cafe Pacifico

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