We’re a young company, but we’re scaling at pace. We’re always looking for ways to make Stint better — in every capacity. We’re proud to have built a fantastic product around a sustainable business model, but we’re equally as proud of the team we’ve built to make that happen.

Join the team that's transforming student life and the hospitality industry

Values that define us

Idea meritocracy

We don't care who you are or what position you’re in—we care about the quality of your thinking. Everyone has a voice. Make sure your opinions are thought out, considered, and are backed up by good logic.

No ego

We believe that ego is the number one destroyer. It prevents you from being honest with yourself and your teammates. When your teammates look to you for opinions, you have a duty to give them advice which isn’t clouded by ego. Ego is not allowed.

Enjoy yourself

We can’t imagine not enjoying coming into work. If you don’t enjoy your job, then what are you doing? It plays such a massive part in life, so it’s important to build an environment that people enjoy spending time in.

Work hard & smart

There are plenty of jobs out there in which you can coast. At Stint, we ask that you’re committed, work hard and think smart. That doesn’t mean working investment banking hours.
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We’re doing things our way

We’re doing things slightly differently. We don’t care about making trendy startup headlines; we care about changing society and building something that lasts. Something that will still be standing 100 years from now. So, we’re doing things sustainably, scalably and cleverly.

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“We believe work is more than a desk or to-do list. We believe work can empower a better life.”

A word from our Co-Founder, Sol Schlagman

Work with purpose.
Work with Stint.

The Stinterview process

Our hiring process tends to look a bit like this

Chat with us

You’ll have an informal call with someone from Talent so that we can get to know you, you can learn more about Stint and get a feel for the role

Role-specifics Chat

You’ll have a video call with the hiring manager to talk role-specifics, and share your experience


We feel a task is the best way to gauge what you can offer, and it gives insight into your approach to work. It also gives you a feel for the type of work you can expect to do at Stint

Values Chat

Along the way, you’ll have a chat with a member from a different team — this should give you a feel for what the Stint culture is all about, and gives you a chance to meet others in the company

Meet Our Founders

At least one of our Co-Founders is usually involved at a final stage, giving them and you a chance to learn about each other


We’ll be in touch to make an offer to candidates that we feel will be a great addition to our team