The way students earn money has changed

Earn £20 instead of watching Netflix, Stint requires no commitment... no experience and no CV. Press a button and earn money.

2: Get work

Get work by setting the days and times you are available in the app. Let our algorithm do the rest (yep it's that easy).

3: Go work

Go work by accepting a Stint offer in the app. Stints are anywhere from 2 to 8 hours in length. All Stints are made up of a few basic tasks at businesses & offices close to you. No need for lots of boring training, anyone can do a Stint.

4: Get paid

Who wants to wait ages to get paid? We don't. Get paid within a week of your Stint. Straight to your bank account!


More reasons to work with Stint

(as if you needed any)
Stay flexible

Got exams? Going travelling for the summer? There is no minimum commitment - use Stint when it's right for you. We're flexible.

Start work now

Stint tasks are tailored to what a university student can do. You don't need to be a professional waiter to make money. We're not an employment agency.

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