Staff shortage? You don't need to hire more full-time hospitality workers

There’s a new, innovative staffing solution you should try and there is a good chance it could double your profits.

We provide Stint Students who come in to help cover your 2-3 hour busy periods each day. This means you have the right number of staff every hour of the day according to your business need, perfectly matched to changing demand.

We have a pool of 70,000 Stint Students who perform the basic tasks, freeing up your core team to focus on driving sales and providing excellent customer experience. Leading to happier customers, faster throughput and more upsell opportunities.


See it in action
You’re able to staff perfectly for every hour of the day.
Before Stint
After Stint
This simple change allows you to maximise sales during your busy periods. Every day of the week

On average, businesses make an extra £2,500 per month — imagine what you could do with that

We’ve helped hospitality businesses around the UK resolve their staff shortages. Let us help you…

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Our solution

With Stint a low labour cost is not in conflict with amazing customer service.

You’re able to staff perfectly for every hour of the day.

  • New way to do hospitality staffing
  • Easy set-up
  • Gives you the lowest labour cost
  • With the highest revenue
  • Incredible customer service
  • Happy staff
Sujith d'Almeida, Owner, Urban Tandoor