Skilled Stints – The student becomes the master

There are so many talented students on our platform. And there are so many Stint Partners who would love some help making their businesses even better. Skilled Stints connects those special students with businesses they can help.


If you’re a student with awesome skills and you want to build your portfolio or gain more practical experience, register your interest for Skilled Stints.


If you’re a business looking for help or guidance with one of the below areas, register your interest for Skilled Stints.

We’ll do all the work to match you it’s a win-win!


Food shots, team pics, cool interiors - a picture is worth a thousand words...


Videos are a fantastic way to show off a business and entice customers

Social Media

Building a social media presence can take a lot of time and practice - but it’s something lots of students are great at!

Website Building

A simple, well-designed website is never a bad idea


Good blogs and website copy is hard to get right, but it’s so valuable when it’s done well

Graphic Design

Designing menus, flyers, logos: all jobs for people with graphic design skills and software


International customers may need international menus...


Is there a skill we haven’t thought of? Let us know what it is and we’ll see what we can do for you!

What our students say about Stint

Stint allows me to work around my university timetable, which gives me much-needed flexibility.
Daniel Roche
King's College London
I no longer have to worry about balancing a part-time job with my studies.
Rayen Gonzalez
Goldsmiths, University of London
Being able to work whenever and wherever is so important for my social life.
Elizabeth White
University of Bristol
Stints are convenient, fun and a good way to meet new friends — not ignoring the fact you get paid too!
Monty Jackson
University of Plymouth
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When students and hospitality businesses work together,
everyone benefits

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