Don’t just take our word for it — a member of our 25,000-strong student workforce is here to tell you why you should give students a chance…


Introducing Rob Volker

Rob Volker is a student at University College London, studying Arts and Sciences. Rob often uses Stint to find work that suits his schedule, and has had such a great experience that he reached out to us, wanting to share it! So, we asked him to jot down some thoughts on why he thinks students are perfect for your business. As you will see, Rob is a very creative and talented individual. But it’s not just him — in fact, there are over 25,000 talented students on our platform, so you’ll be assigned someone great. You might even get Rob himself…

The case for students

Students are great, and I can prove it. We are sociable, we are reliable; more than that, we are ready to jump on any opportunity to earn some extra cash. We have plenty to offer your business, and unleashing the creativity and talent of students will surely prove worthwhile. If you are desperate for additional help when you are at your busiest, bring in a student for a competent and enthusiastic helping hand.

Arguably, the most obvious reason to bring in a student is that we’re used to working hard. We spend anywhere from 40-60 hours a week pursuing our academic ambitions, and have developed plenty of skills as a result. Not only that, but we love solving problems, working both independently or as part of a team, and are used to working with a diverse range of people, ensuring that we are great verbal communicators. Having spent so much time learning these skills, the opportunity to apply them in a working environment outside the classroom is one that most students would jump at. We’re also extremely fast learners, given that we’re learning new things all of the time. 

OK, so we work hard. But that’s not all. Students are also enthusiastic and passionate individuals — we joined university to seek new opportunities that challenge and excite us. Outside of the classroom, we are involved in a number of clubs and societies, ranging from sports to music and everything in between. These clubs and societies operate like small businesses, run by diligent students who direct their enthusiasm towards a productive enterprise. With this enthusiasm also comes ambition. Students are always eager to gain any experience in the workplace to boost both their CV and career prospects, so expect to see them apply themselves and jump at any chance to impress. Work with a student and you’ll quickly see how this passion and enthusiasm can benefit your business. 

"Students are always eager to gain any experience in the workplace to boost both their CV and career prospects, so expect to see them apply themselves and jump at any chance to impress."Rob Volker, Student, University College London

Students also love meeting new people. The start of every term brings new classes and new friends, and so we are used to building and developing relationships in both formal and social settings. We’ll be able to apply these skills when striking up relationships with both fellow staff and customers, approaching them like we would a fellow colleague in a new seminar or lecture. Our experience in making friends from a range of backgrounds, coupled with our confidence and enthusiasm when meeting new people, stands us in good stead to make a positive impression. If you’re interested in fostering a culture of diversity and enthusiasm in your workplace, then look no further!

Students are more than capable when it comes to nailing the basic tasks that we are set on Stints. We are all used to working hard at University and applying ourselves to a challenge, whilst many of us also have previous experience in the workplace [1], whether through paid work or as a result of a placement. So, don’t be put off by our relative inexperience — we fully understand the expectations and responsibilities that accompany any full time job. We’ll show up to work reliably, and get the job done. 

So, all this considered, why wouldn’t you bring in a student? If you’re looking for hard working and self-motivated employees who turn up with an excellent work ethic for every Stint, then you’ve come to the right place. Whenever I run into one of my friends on their way to a Stint, there’s always a smile on their face. If you give a student a chance to work for your business, I’m sure we will put a smile on yours too. 

If you would like to learn more about how we ensure Stint students fit seamlessly in tandem with your core-staff, check out the blog on our ‘Division of Labour’ approach.