Welcome back to our new Product Features series, where we will share details of some of the key features of the Stint platform.

In this blog we explain why you should always take time to leave a review, as to make sure you get the right type of Stinter for your business…


We are determined to ensure that using Stint is as seamless an experience as possible. That means making sure every aspect of our service does exactly what it sets out to do — make your life, and running your business, easier.

However, there is one aspect of the Stint experience we can’t always control. Whilst we expect that you’ll be able to build a great relationship with any of our Stinters, the chances are, as with all people you meet in life,  you will gel better with some than with others.

In this blog we’ll share our tips for maximising the features on our app that are designed to ensure that the Stinters assigned to your Stints are in the best possible position to contribute to your business.

We’re incredibly confident that the Stinters will do an excellent job. After all, we meet and vet each individual member of the Stint workforce, and the fact they are studying hard at university advocates that they know how to apply themselves to a task

Repeat Stints

Imagine you’ve just completed a set of Stints with a group of Stinters. There are two possible responses as far as you are concerned: you either would want to work with those same individual Stinters again, or you would rather not. 

Our app takes your feedback into account to ensure we are able to deliver either of these options, whatever your preference. To allow us to do so, it’s crucial that you view the rating system as a feature intended to maximise your customer experience, rather than merely a data collection exercise. That’s because our algorithm uses the ratings you give individual Stinters to measure whether you should be reassigned the same Stinter for future Stints. 

The likelihood is that you will be delighted with your Stinter — we can predict this with near certainty as the vast majority of Stints are awarded a 5 star rating. 

If, as we expect, you would be happy to see the same Stinter return to your business, award them a 4 or 5 star rating. If you do so, our algorithm will hugely increase the probability of that same Stinter being sent back — especially if they rate you highly too.

We therefore highly recommend that you take the time to review if you are happy with the Stinters’ performance during their Stints, as only then can we almost guarantee that the pool of Stinters you are matched with will meet both your and our high standards.

Profile Building

If, in the unlikely circumstance, you are left disappointed by a Stinter’s performance during a Stint, hand out a rating of 3 stars or below to ensure that they won’t be sent your way again. After all, it might be that a particular Stinter you were sent did a good job but wasn’t quite suited to your particular business — for example some might excel in front of customers, others might be better suited to working behind the scenes.

If you consistently rate your Stints, our algorithm will start to notice the trends you look for in a Stinter and identify the type of Stinter profile that fits in well at your business.

That means that when you are assigned Stinters in the future, you will either be matched with a Stinter you have had a positive experience with, or one our algorithm predicts will be a good fit for the role.

And whilst we would expect all Stinters to do an excellent job, by rating each Stinter, you are maximising your chance of receiving the best experience possible with our platform.

Skip Ratings

Whilst we hope that you’re now well aware of the importance of leaving reviews, we understand that sometimes you’ll have more urgent tasks to complete before you can get round to doing them.

And after numerous operators requested the ability to temporarily skip reviews, we took this feedback onboard and made this feature a reality (p.s. If there are other features you’d love to see, please get in touch — we want to hear from you!)

Previously, you would have had to complete your reviews upon the completion of any Stint in order to return to the app to post new Stints. However, now you are able to temporarily skip reviews if you are busy, then revisit them once you have a spare minute.

You’ll have seven days upon completion of a Stint to leave a review. If you don’t get round to adding a review after seven days, we’ll assume it’s because all your Stints went well, and the Stinter will automatically be rated five stars.

That’s because we expect you’ll be pleased with the vast majority of Stinters, and encourage you to let us know if you weren’t satisfied with a Stint.

Bulk Ratings

Another customer request that we’ve built into our app is the ability to leave bulk reviews. 

This time last year, operators were required to rate every single Stinter coming in individually. For infrequent users this might not sound like much, but we recommend fully integrating Stint into your staffing model to see maximum impact.  This means that a large number of businesses are posting between 10-14 Stints per week. As a result, businesses using Stint in the way we encourage would have to spend more time doing ratings than those that post a lower volume of Stints.

Thanks to both the positive and constructive feedback we receive from our customers, this is no longer the case. We now offer you the option of rating in bulk if you are happy with the work the Stinters are doing. Just login and select ‘all great’ in the rating section, which will automatically award all unresolved Stinter ratings 5 stars in one tap of a button.

Comments and Tags

We also encourage you to leave comments and tags when rating a particular Stint, for example commending a Stinter for their hard work or enthusiasm.

Not only does this provide useful feedback for the Stinters themselves, who can implement this for future Stints or just enjoy a much deserved pat on the back, it will also be invaluable to other businesses around you using Stint. Our rating and feedback system is just one way that we facilitate cooperation between hospitality businesses. 

And whilst you might be initially reluctant to share your best Stinters with those in the local area, we firmly believe that each individual business will fare best if the hospitality industry works together to bounce back from Covid restrictions.

Just as you would want to see any useful feedback given to a Stinter before being matched with them for the first time, so too will other businesses regarding the Stinters you frequently work with.

As a result, we’d greatly appreciate it if you were to leave comments as to support the entire hospitality community in your local area.