Learn about our latest offer of 4 weeks’ worth of free staffing, available to up to 150 hospitality businesses…


It has hurt to watch some of our favourite hospitality businesses struggle over the last year or so, given that we are completely in awe of the industry as a whole. That’s why we are determined to put our feelings into action and contribute however we can to the recovery of the industry once hospitality is given the green light to reopen.

We know that we are in a unique position of offering a service that has the potential to improve the output of hospitality businesses, however we also recognise that operators might be reluctant to try something new — especially in the current climate. Unlike our sales efforts, which can wait, our mission to provide invaluable support to hospitality businesses up and down the country required urgent action.

That’s why we decided to throw the kitchen sink at helping hospitality bounce back from the lockdown by offering all hospitality businesses the opportunity to trial Stint for a month, completely free of charge. This means 4 weeks of free staffing, with no catch — it really is a win-win situation for all involved. 

Are you unsure as to whether a month will make a difference to your revenue? The figures of some of our most recent case studies strongly suggest otherwise. For example, Rola Wala, a restaurant in Leeds, saw their labour percentage reduce from 31% to 27% just within the first four weeks of integrating with Stint, equating to an operating profit increase of £12k over a year. Likewise, Urban Tandoor, a restaurant in Bristol, integrated with Stint back in October and saw their labour percentage fall from 40% to 34%, as well as an annualised increase in operating profit of 85%.

Not only are we sure that our offer will boost your operating profits to help make up for lost revenue, but we’re also pretty confident that, once you use Stint, you won’t want to go back to your old, less efficient approach to staffing — but that’s up to you to decide…

Spaces are filling up fast — only 50 of the 150 spaces are still available, so make sure you secure your spot now to avoid missing out! If you’d just like to hear more about this very special offer, reach out to a member of our team.