In the heart of the first lockdown, we wanted to make sure our student workforce was in the right place to contribute to the efforts of essential workers.

With students less likely to suffer adversely from Covid-19, we recognised that they could play a crucial role in filling in for volunteers unable to keep coming into work.

So we reached out to our friends at City Harvest to let them know that our students could step in to help redistribute surplus food to those in need.

By offering our students the opportunity to sign up for ‘Essential Stints’, we were able to contribute to over 600 hours of volunteer work to make sure that excess food wasn’t going to waste.

A massive shout out to our students too, for getting stuck in and making a difference at a time of national crisis. To us, it only confirmed what we already know — that students have a brilliant attitude, are incredibly generous and know how to work hard…

Check out Vincent Bugozi, one of our Stint Students, bringing the good vibes to his City Harvest Stint and teaching co-volunteers ‘The Shaku Shaku’ in this video.