Meet Cecilie Lauridsen, a student who has earned over £10,000 using Stint…

Stint has enriched the life of many students, none more so than Cecilie Lauridsen. An undergraduate studying media and communications at UAL, Cecilie has earned over £10,000 using Stint!

Cecilie did her first undergraduate course in Denmark, so is now well on her way to her second degree. She speaks Danish, English, Spanish and German, which makes her a rare member of the polygot club.

When she first arrived in the UK, Cecilie sought out a succession of different jobs, from being a cashier to working in a bakery. Whilst these jobs helped her to earn some much needed cash, none of them provided the flexibility Cecilie required to make the most out of her university degree.

Then, back in the distant memory that was 2018, Stint came along. Since joining in September 2018, Cecilie has done hundreds of Stints with a vast majority of 5 star reviews.

"I wouldn't have known what to do without Stint this year." Cecilie Lauridsen, Student, University of the Arts London

Having a flexible means of earning money is especially important to Cecilie, who has a range of hobbies spanning from graffiti to horse-riding. She also testifies that Stint has become one of her pastimes, due to all the exciting new prospects it has offered her — most notably getting to work with Stint’s media team to locate cutting-edge events in London. 

Cecilie uses her earnings to pay for her accommodation and her wider student life, claiming she “wouldn’t have known what to do without Stint this year”. Before she signed up with Stint, she remembers having to miss out on things when the money dried up — an experience many students, especially in London, will attest to. Now, Cecilie is able to pay her rent, purchase the books she needs and socialise as much as she wants (pre-Covid of course!) 

Cecilie has worked at some of the biggest retail chains in the fashion industry, from Topshop and Reiss to the Ei Group, the biggest pub company in the UK. Her favourite Stint was at The Four Thieves, a bar in Battersea which has an arcade upstairs, and she has since been back with friends she made working there. 

Cecilie describes Stint as a fun way to meet young people in the working world. Not only that, but Stint has taught Cecilie skills in new fields, helped her to learn how to adapt to situations quickly and looks great on her CV! 

This variety of work has also helped Cecilie to become more knowledgeable about the ‘London Student Scene’ and has helped give her the university experience that she deserves…

We’re incredibly grateful to have met Cecilie and plan to stay in touch with her through her degree and beyond!

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