Stint’s inaugural Student Sentiment Tracker has gathered insights from over 1,000 university students across the country, exploring their hopes and fears around both student life and what awaits following graduation.

With young adults graduating from university and struggling to get a foot onto the housing ladder, facing an increasingly competitive and tough labour market in addition to lower incomes in real terms, there’s a general perception that students have it worse than their parents.
The situation has been exacerbated by the pandemic leaving students in tough housing situations and increasing concerns around mental wellbeing.
Despite these perceptions, we found that students are optimistic for this academic year, and for their futures. The survey revealed that students across the country are confident of their employment prospects and future incomes post‑university.
After a difficult 18 months, this is a student population that is — counter to public perception — empowered, ready to learn and ready to succeed.

Read the Student Sentiment Tracker report in full here.