Urban Tandoor is an award-winning Indian restaurant, situated in the heart of Bristol on Small Street. The owner, Sujith d’Almeida, used the 2020 lockdown as an opportunity to explore a new way to operate his staffing model. Our Bristol team sat down with him and looked at various aspects of the restaurant, including the customer demand patterns and the range of front-of-house tasks.


The result was a personalised staffing rota, leveraging the new-found ability of bringing in Stints for a few hours. We established what tasks the Stints would take care of, in this case clearing tables and running food/drinks. This rota allowed Sujith to have the right amount of staff at every hour of the day, every day of the week. Sujith implemented the rota in October and the results were immediate.


Now that Urban Tandoor could bring in students for only 2 hours between 7pm and 9pm, they could reduce the excess hours in their quieter periods, and ensure they had enough staff at the dinner rush. Wage costs reduced and sales increased. Sujith is looking forward to continuing using Stint once the current lockdown is over

Sujith d'Almeida, Owner, Urban Tandoor

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