The William Morris is a locally-adored gastropub based in Colliers Wood, and they integrated with Stint in early 2021. One of the biggest issues that led them to Stint was that their staff were overstretched during busy periods, meaning they weren’t able to dedicate the time and energy necessary to their customers.

Stint has enabled The William Morris to be more effective at providing a higher level of customer service, by having Stinters cover basic tasks such as toilet stock maintenance, clearing tables, and refilling amenities. The William Morris staff have in turn been able to dedicate time to the customers and the tasks that require their expertise. This has meant that there has been an increase in spend-per-head and upselling opportunities, as well as a marked boost in team morale.

Paul Wilkinson, General Manager, has said that Stint has allowed them to be more effective at providing a better level of service and that the quality of the Stinters themselves is amazing due to their ability to ‘fit in to what the teams are doing’. Hear more about his experience in the following video.

Paul Wilkinson, General Manager, The William Morris

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