Kennedy’s Bar in York is a thriving contemporary venue set in the heart of York and integrated with Stint following the third lockdown. Kennedy’s particularly struggled with the staffing crisis following Covid-19 and Brexit and credits Stint with helping balance their staffing struggles during their daily peak times.



One of the biggest challenges Kennedy’s faces is table clearing and resetting in order to increase table turnover in their busy periods. Stinters helped take the pressure off by undertaking these tasks so that the core team could really focus on the customers, ensuring upsell opportunities through customer interaction and increased table-turnover.

Tom, General Manager of Kennedy’s Bar, also spoke about his relief of being able to look at his rota and post Stints in advance according to his daily peak times, and not having to worry about rota juggling every week. He was secure in the knowledge that during the busy periods that he faces weekly he would have the extra hands on deck in the form of Stinters.

Tom Stubbs, General Manager, Kennedy’s Bar

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