Grays Court Hotel York was one of the first independent hotels to integrate with Stint, once the restrictions were lifted after the third lockdown in 2021. Helen Heraty, the proprietor of the hotel, mentioned that they had a number of pinch points that were made all the more obvious by the coming out of lockdown. 

One of the most important parts of running a hotel is customer relations and guest interaction, according to Alex Stainsby, the F&B manager. Stint has made a huge difference and taken the pressure points away from the key members of staff as they’re able to focus and dedicate themselves to the front of house and customer facing tasks, whilst leaving the back of house tasks to Stinters.

The tasks the Stinters take up cover both the hotel restaurant and helping with the housekeeping. And ‘having the Stinters around just really allows key members of the team to just do what they do best and not get overstretched’.